Tuesday 9 June 2009

What is Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is a broad concept that refers to
meeting the needs of people without hurting the environment. The
concept covers meeting economic, environmental and social needs
of everyone without hurting anyone or anything in the process.

What is sustainable development? The concept was brought to
life and named by The World Commission on Environment and
Development in 1987. Since it's conception, the concept has
become a major focus in the 1990s to the present time.

What is sustainable development related to hunger? The concept
would attempt to make sure that all people have enough to eat no
matter what their income is. Whether you are well off or live in
absolute or relative poverty, you would legally have the right
and the ability to purchase foods to provide you and your family
with an adequate number of calories each day to maintain health.

What is sustainable development related to economics? All
people in the workforce have a right to economic growth without
undermining the environment, natural resources and the incomes
of the next and future generations. Safeguards are put in place
by the world government so that labor standards are put into
effect along with mechanisms for compliance internationally.
People that work with hazardous materials have rules to follow
to keep themselves and the environment safe. People that work in
high places must use safety equipment to ensure they don't slip
and fall. Accidents do happen; however, many times accidents are
related to human error when the rules of safety are not followed

What is sustainable development related to food service?
Domestic foods are regulated by the Center for Food Safety and
Applied Nutrition (CFSAN); it also regulates foods that are
imported at the point where they were received into the US. The
US Department of Agriculture and the FDA require that workers in
the food service industry have people in place to educate and
train all food handlers how to prevent food-born illnesses
though applied safety measures.

What is sustainable development related to preventing food-born
illnesses in the food industry? Foods meant to be served cold
must sit in ice when left in the open. Staff is responsible for
recording the temperature of food, and if the temperature falls
below the safe zone it must be discarded at once. All foods left
out in the open for the public to serve themselves, such as in a
salad bar or a buffet must have a shield between the food and
the customers that serve themselves. This shield is to prevent
contamination from people breathing, sneezing or coughing.

What is sustainable development related to dairy and meat
farming? Sustainable farming does not use practices such as
giving antibiotics or hormones, and once processed, the meat
cannot be irradiated. In factory farming animals are almost
driven insane with fear and cramped conditions, but in
sustainable farming the animals are treated humanely. What is
sustainable development? It is all the things mentioned above
and so much more.

Goals of Sustainable Development in Urban and Rural Industries

The goals of sustainable development concerning the world
system are to promote freedom of sociopolitical expression,
economic freedom, as well as to protect human rights. The Goals
also include that the governments are willing to invest in their
citizens health, education and welfare. Workers and business
people in the urban and rural regions of the world join in a
team effort to make a living while preserving economic and
environmental resources.

The goals of sustainable development are to preserve raw
materials, conserve our natural resources such as water and
energy. Learning to be conservative starts at home; we can start
by recycling or reusing the items that would be detrimental to
the environment. Articles such as plastic bags, plastic bottles
do nothing more than clog up the landfills. As an individual,
you can help fulfill the goals of sustainable development by
separating paper, plastics, aluminum, and glass; these items
will be re-manufactured into new products.

In the workplace, the goals of sustainable development are
similar; you may be asked to reduce waste in your job. One of
the goals of sustainable development is conservation of energy.
Everyone can conserve by shutting off lights that are not in
use. Tossing out the old incandescent light bulbs and putting in
the new energy saving light bulbs saves energy and lasts much
longer. Some light bulbs last up to 5 years.

In farming businesses, where our food originates, are reaching
goals of sustainable development by changing over from fossil
fuels to renewable forms of energy. The approaches the farmers
use to achieve the goals of sustainable development may differ
from businesses in the urban sector. A cattle farmer may divide
his pasture land into subdivisions so that the cows can graze on
different sections of the land in a rotation. The advantage to
doing this is to manage the integrity of the soil, and the
cattle can get adequate food to promote weight gain. To provide
shade and cut the wind, farmers sometimes plant trees; this
helps the livestock and also prevents lost soil through soil

In the food farming business, goals are to preserve the
integrity of the soil, control or eliminate pests, and produce
large crops that produce a good income to take care of their
families. Goals of sustainable development are quite broad; one
goal is to plant more than one kind of crop. This is called
diversification; unlike mono-farming, where the farmer grows one
crop, the grower is more likely to make a good profit even if
the weather doesn't cooperate. A farmer that is banking on one
crop may lose that crop and lose his income; however, a
diversified farmer that grows two or more crops is more likely
to have a good yield of at least one of his crops. The goals of
sustainable development vary from industry to industry; but in
the end the the goals are met to promote socioeconomic growth,
while preserving the environment.

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