Wednesday 10 June 2009

Polytiko Meaning

Polytiko is a play on the word Political: of or relating to your views about social relationships involving authority or power. Pertains to noun: politics. Example - I love a dog. He does nothing for political reasons. — Will Rogers (1879-1935)


Poly can have multiple meanings:

As a prefix, often meaning more than one or many (eg, polyvalent - capable of many valences)
As a feminine given name (Poly, also spelled Polly). Sometimes also used as a nickname for surnames such as "Polyblank"
Poly is also commonly used as an abbreviation for various words and phrases including:

Polyethylene, polyurethane and polyester, all forms of plastic polymers
Polysilicon, a state of silicon used as a gate material in MOSFET transistors and CMOS microchips

Poly-A, a step in the transcription of DNA to RNA in which multiple adenosine nucleosides are added to the 3' end of the mRNA sequence.

Polymorphism, polymorphism describes multiple possible states for a single property
Polyspheric, a shape composed of more than one sphere, a term used by Chrysler to identify their hemi-derived but lower cost V8 engines built 1955-67

Polygraph, or "lie detector" (particularly in Defense & Intelligence fields)
Mathematics and logic

Polygon, especially in relation to 3D graphics as used in terms such as high-poly
Polynomial, a type of mathematical function

Polyamory, polygamy, and certain other forms of nonmonogamy beginning in poly
Polyclinic, a clinic where a wide range of health care services (including diagnostics) can be obtained without the need for an overnight stay
Polyrunning a person good at all track events
Polytechnic educational institutions
Polymath, a person well educated in a wide variety of subjects or fields
Polydactyly, having extra digits in hands or feet
Poly Technologies, Chinese company
China Poly Group, Chinese business group
Polynesian, as in "Being a Poly" by Jonah Takalua

T Hacker Slang: time T
An unspecified but usually well-understood time, often used in conjunction with a later time T+1. “We'll meet on campus at time T or at Louie's at time T+1” means, in the context of going out for dinner: “We can meet on campus and go to Louie's, or we can meet at Louie's itself a bit later.” (Louie's was a Chinese restaurant in Palo Alto that was a favorite with hackers.) Had the number 30 been used instead of the number 1, it would have implied that the travel time from campus to Louie's is 30 minutes; whatever time T is (and that hasn't been decided on yet), you can meet half an hour later at Louie's than you could on campus and end up eating at the same time. Time T equals minus infinity.

call (l)
convene, convoke, muster, summon. These verbs mean to demand or request to appear, come, or assemble: called a taxi; convened a meeting; will convoke the legislature; mustering the militia; summoned a witness.

Poly + Call = Poly.ti.ko


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