Tuesday 9 June 2009

Can you imagine...


Can you imagine...a world where the financial crash has thrown the planet into chaos with millions of hardworking citizens and taxpayers having to pick up the tab? Yet, while people are thrown out of work and have their homes repossessed those responsible for the cash crisis are rewarded with generous million pound/dollar cash bonuses and multi-million pound/dollar pension deals.

Can you imagine...a democracy where some of the elected members live in uber-opulence at the expense of their hardworking constituents and look to cash in on their positions of power by translating their positions into huge profits. A political system where the elected members expect hardworking taxpayers to pay for their non-existent mortgages, moats around their luxurious and oversized houses, duck houses, interior designers and extensions to already large houses.

Can you imagine...a hastily organised and overtly extravagant summit for the world's richest nations to jaw-jaw about what can be done to alleviate and resolve the global financial crisis, when nothing any of these most 'powerful' nations say or do ever changes the fact that 15 million children will starve to death again this year unnecessarily. Sure there was plenty of rhetoric and hot air and backslapping and laughing photo opportunities for Silvio Berlusconi, Barak Obama and the perpetually ill-at ease Gordon Brown, but blind faith in an already discredited financial and greed-laden system ensures nothing will change.

Can you imagine...a world where the richest 1% consumes the same as 44% of the worlds poorest. Where a massive two thirds of the world's people survive on less than $2 per day. Where over 30,000 pre-school children die every day because of starvation and preventable diseases, while our politicians, corporate leaders, academics and policy makers consistently fail to resolve this unacceptable situation.

Can you imagine... a world where at a summit to discuss climate change, transnational corporations, who are responsible for some of the worst pollution problems in the world, are invited to contribute.

Can you imagine...a world where the colour of someone's skin, their religion, sexuality, class or caste attracts physical and verbal abuse. Where a supposedly Christian church declares civil war on itself and spends hours in debate and wringing its collective hands in anguish because of the appointment of an openly gay minister. Laughable if it were not true.

Can you imagine...a better way to organise and operate the world? A more equitable, just, meritocratic and fair alternative to the chaotic mismanaged financial and political mess we now find ourselves in. A better way to share the planet where people are treated with dignity and respect regardless of phoney differences such as class, colour, religion or sexuality. Can you?........................ We can...

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