Saturday 13 June 2009

Lincoln weeping after Kennedy assassination

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Acclaimed Bill Mauldin cartoon of Lincoln weeping after Kennedy assassination, available in limited edition. Printed from the original 1963 printing plate. Copyright 1963. Estate of Bill Mauldin. (PRNewsFoto/Jean Albano Gallery)

The Art of Politics

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Robert Wuhl, The Art of Politics in Carrie Leigh's NUDE Magazine Issue. (PRNewsFoto/Carrie Leigh Publishing Group)

Green People

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Green People converged on the nation's capitol Tuesday as part of a public education and awareness campaign to increase the visibility of alternative fuel autos such as hybrids, clean diesels, ethanol-capable vehicles and hydrogen. The "brand ambassadors" traveled around the city to spread the message that automakers offer 46 different models of alternative fuel autos, and will soon introduce 35 more. For more information, please visit Photo by Randy Santos. (PRNewsFoto/Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, Randy Santos)

Former President Bush celebrates his 85th birthday

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Former President Bush celebrates his 85th birthday jumping with the Army's Golden Knights. (Pictured with President Bush is SFC Michael Elliott). (PRNewsFoto/U.S. Army Parachute Team - The Golden Knights)

Industrial noise pollution solution

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Industrial noise pollution solution: before and after application of Acoustiblok, sound reading registered an amazing 26-28 dB attenuation, which translates to a human ear perceived noise reduction of 90-percent. (PRNewsFoto/Acoustiblok Inc.)

Wednesday 10 June 2009

Polytiko Meaning

Polytiko is a play on the word Political: of or relating to your views about social relationships involving authority or power. Pertains to noun: politics. Example - I love a dog. He does nothing for political reasons. — Will Rogers (1879-1935)


Poly can have multiple meanings:

As a prefix, often meaning more than one or many (eg, polyvalent - capable of many valences)
As a feminine given name (Poly, also spelled Polly). Sometimes also used as a nickname for surnames such as "Polyblank"
Poly is also commonly used as an abbreviation for various words and phrases including:

Polyethylene, polyurethane and polyester, all forms of plastic polymers
Polysilicon, a state of silicon used as a gate material in MOSFET transistors and CMOS microchips

Poly-A, a step in the transcription of DNA to RNA in which multiple adenosine nucleosides are added to the 3' end of the mRNA sequence.

Polymorphism, polymorphism describes multiple possible states for a single property
Polyspheric, a shape composed of more than one sphere, a term used by Chrysler to identify their hemi-derived but lower cost V8 engines built 1955-67

Polygraph, or "lie detector" (particularly in Defense & Intelligence fields)
Mathematics and logic

Polygon, especially in relation to 3D graphics as used in terms such as high-poly
Polynomial, a type of mathematical function

Polyamory, polygamy, and certain other forms of nonmonogamy beginning in poly
Polyclinic, a clinic where a wide range of health care services (including diagnostics) can be obtained without the need for an overnight stay
Polyrunning a person good at all track events
Polytechnic educational institutions
Polymath, a person well educated in a wide variety of subjects or fields
Polydactyly, having extra digits in hands or feet
Poly Technologies, Chinese company
China Poly Group, Chinese business group
Polynesian, as in "Being a Poly" by Jonah Takalua

T Hacker Slang: time T
An unspecified but usually well-understood time, often used in conjunction with a later time T+1. “We'll meet on campus at time T or at Louie's at time T+1” means, in the context of going out for dinner: “We can meet on campus and go to Louie's, or we can meet at Louie's itself a bit later.” (Louie's was a Chinese restaurant in Palo Alto that was a favorite with hackers.) Had the number 30 been used instead of the number 1, it would have implied that the travel time from campus to Louie's is 30 minutes; whatever time T is (and that hasn't been decided on yet), you can meet half an hour later at Louie's than you could on campus and end up eating at the same time. Time T equals minus infinity.

call (l)
convene, convoke, muster, summon. These verbs mean to demand or request to appear, come, or assemble: called a taxi; convened a meeting; will convoke the legislature; mustering the militia; summoned a witness.

Poly + Call = Poly.ti.ko


Tuesday 9 June 2009

80s Social Media

Mixed Up World

Right-wing leader pelted with eggs

Anti-fascist protesters hit British National Party (BNP) leader, Nick Griffin with eggs during an impromptu news conference outside parliament building in London, UK.
Griffin, who was elected over the weekend as an MEP for the North West of England, had been reacting to newspaper claims that his party had received less votes in the latest round of European elections when he was met with angry protesters chanting and waving banners reading, "Stop the fascist BNP."
Eggs were then thrown at the leader from behind before he was lead away by bodyguards.
Demonstrators continued to follow the leader to his car, hitting the vehicle with placards.
The BNP, which campaigns for a halt to immigration, voluntary repatriation of immigrants and British withdrawal from the European Union, has won local council seats but is not represented in the British parliament.

The Carbon Cap Solution in Four Letters

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EDF Advocates a Carbon Cap in New Campaign with Braddock, PA Mayor Fetterman. (PRNewsFoto/Environmental Defense Action Fund)

President Obama promoting public health

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President Obama addresses the public during a rally in Bristol, Virginia. Lowering healthcare costs and promoting public health were major issues that were addressed during his presidential campaign. (PRNewsFoto/Epinex Diagnostics, Inc.)


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SunPower's Seize Today Campaign Brings Solar to Everyday Americans. (PRNewsFoto/SunPower Corporation)

Prolonged protests continue in Indian Kashmir over women's deaths

Hundreds of women under the banner of Dukhtaran-i-Milat take to the streets in Indian Kashmir over the alleged rape and murder of two young Muslim women by security forces.

Hundreds of women under the aegis of the radical women's organisation Dukhtaran-i-Milat took to the street in Srinagar, the summer capital of Indian Kashmir on Sunday (June 07) to stage a mass protest against the alleged rape and murder of two Muslim women at Shopian by security forces.
Frenzied protestors clashed with police personnel, pelting stones and damaging several police vehicles.

Consequently, to disperse the protestors, the police had to resort to firing of tear gas shells and also baton charged the mob that hurled rocks at security personnel.

Near daily street protests since last year have given a new lease of life to the separatist movement in the disputed Himalayan region.

Reportedly, two young Muslim women, aged 17 and 22 years, were abducted, raped and killed by security forces on Friday in Shopian town, 60 kilometres (37 miles) south of Srinagar, Kashmir's summer capital.

Asiya Andrabi, chief of radical Dukhtaran-i-Milat said that their organisation would educate and train the Kashmiri women so that they could protect their dignity.

"We will educate and train the Kashmiri women…we will educate them how to protect their dignity…we will train them so that they can protect themselves even in the presence of hundreds of thousands of security personnel…Besides this, we will also train them in traditional weapons so that they can protect themselves," said Asiya Andrabi, chief of Dukhtaran-i-Milat, a radical separatist outfit, Srinagar.

As for the suspected death of the two women, the police denied the killings and asserted that the women died to drowning in a stream. Further it was mentioned that in the post-mortem did not reveal any sexual assault or other injuries.

Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Omar Abdullah had also ordered a judicial inquiry into the deaths, which the separatists rejected.

The disputed Himalayan region has been intermittently rocked by protests against Indian rule since last year.

Indian security forces fighting separatist militants in Kashmir, India's only Muslim-majority state have been accused in the past of human rights violations, including rape and fake encounter killings.

But the administration has denied any such systematic violations and said that all reports are investigated and the guilty punished.

Polluted Saro-Wiwa homeland turns green sixteen years after oil companies cease operations

Nigeria's oil-rich Ogoniland, famously home to Nigerian activist Ken Saro-Wiwa, is showing signs of recovery from pollution sixteen years after oil giant Royal Dutch Shell ceased production in the area due to insecurity.

Nigeria's oil rich Ogoniland environment is showing signs of recovery sixteen years after oil giant Royal Dutch Shell abandoned production due to growing agitation by the population for a share of the oil resources and an end to environmental damage.
Shell's disused oil well heads, flow stations, pipelines and gas flare terminals, all rusted beyond use and overgrown by tall grass, dot the vast Ogoni landscape.

They serve as a stark reminder of a tragic history in Ogoniland.

Experts point out that, as in many parts of the oil-producing Niger Delta, environmental degradation due to oil exploration in Ogoniland was never put in check and little or no redress for any environmental damage caused was given by oil companies. Oil spills poisoned soil, water, gas flaring caused air pollution, making life hard for local people whose livelihood depended on land for crops and water for fishing.

But today, 50 year-old Pauline Nomaa, a peasant farmer can feed her family through farming again.

"Right now I am very happy and excited. My crops are doing well. It is a good thing," she said.

Nomaa, who relies wholly on her farm to feed her seven children since her husband is unemployed, blames the oil companies for the pollution which had forced her family to live on the verge of starvation.

"My children and I went through a very rough time, we had nothing for food, nothing good came out of the land," said Nomaa.

Although Shell halted production from its 96 wells in Ogoniland in late 1993, oil from other parts of the Niger Delta continues to flow in pipelines running across Ogoni territory. This still poses a problem for Ogoniland since some of these pipes leak due to their old age or get vandalised by oil thieves.

Ogoniland became popular internationally in the 1990s when activist Ken Saro-Wiwa, outraged by environmental degradation, founded the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People to protest against oil companies in the area.

Saro-Wiwa and eight others were hanged in 1995 by the Nigeria's military regime of Sani Abacha after charges of murder were instituted against them. A tribunal considered a sham by many in Ogoniland found them guilty of instigating mobs to kill four Ogoni leaders from arrival faction.

But Royal Dutch Shell has agreed to pay 15.5 million US million to settle several lawsuits related to the executions of protesters in Nigeria in the 1990s, lawyers for both sides said on Monday (June 7).

The settlement came as the more than decade-long dispute was due to go to trial in U.S. District Court in Manhattan, said Paul Hoffman, a lawyer for the victims' families who had brought the cases along with the New York-based Center for Constitutional Rights.

The lawsuit accused Shell of human rights abuses in the Niger Delta region, including violations connected with the 1995 hangings of Ken Saro-Wiwa and eight other protesters.

Ledum Mitee, a practising lawyer in the oil hub Port Harcourt, is also the president of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP). He said that Saro-Wiwa's activities had made the Ogonis aware of their basic rights and it would be difficult for them to relive their past experiences.

"We didn't know what was night because the gas flares were 24 hours a day...things like corn, maize would not grow, would not fruit because they would just be attracted to the light and they were just growing without cobbing...that was the society I grew in. But today if you get to the place, since they (Shell) left you can see all that. I have always said that it will take a far more profound argument and conviction for the people to tell Ogoni people: 'Look, you need to get back to that area where you were many years ago.' It is going to be quite difficult," said Mitee.

Efforts by Royal Dutch Shell to return to Ogoniland were rejected by the Nigerian government last year.

Other oil majors who have been eyeing the lucrative Ogoni oil fields said they were weary of the Ogoni leadership's concern on safety and environmental issues, which often resulted into lengthy and sometimes hostile negotiations.

Harry Saro-Wiwa, brother of the late Ken Saro-Wiwa, leads the Ogoni Peace Initiative. He maintained that oil majors should heed to the needs of the host communities before starting production if conflict was to be averted.

"Let's get the modalities for which the oil will be taken, take the oil...that's all we are saying, dialogue but if you are not going to dialogue with us, the oil will remain there. And if you come by force we'll resist, even to the last man," said Harry Saro-Wiwa.

Harry Saro-Wiwa added that despite the successes made in Ogoniland to reduce pollution, there were new threats from developments in neighbouring oil producing areas.

"It's like we are now engulfed in a closed circuit, as if we were being heated in a closed circuit and I believe government should be concerned about this thing, before people keep dying again. Because the wind carries this thing around and when it rains it still pours it down, the flares might not be in Ogoni now but we are surrounded by flare, if you go around you will see," said Saro-Wiwa.

The Nigerian government has documented 6,817 oil spills between 1976 and 2001, but analysts have argued the figures could be much higher.

Shell settles rights abuse case

Royal Dutch Shell is pay Nigerian families $15.5 million dollars to settle a human rights abuse lawsuit, without accepting or denying wrongdoing.ShotlistStory
Ken Saro-Wiwa's face is still plastered across posters in Nigeria.

He remains a symbol of a 13-year struggle to prove oil giant Royal Dutch Shell complicit in human rights abuses.

Action accused Shell of colluding with Nigeria's former military government to silence environmental and human rights activists in the country.

Shell has now agreed to pay the relatives of Saro-Wiwa and nine others over $15 million dollars.


"Shell continues to deny liability, but we think the fact that they are paying over $15 million dollars to these plaintiffs itself is a recognition of responsibility for the injuries that they have suffered and for a substantial responsibility at that."

Ken Saro-Wiwa and five other campaigners were executed in 1995.

They had been fighting for the rights of the Ogoni ethnic people and protesting at pollution caused by the oil industry.

Shell was accused of collusion in murder, torture and other abuses by Nigeria's former military government against the campaigners.

But the oil giant continues to deny any wrongdoing and says the payment is part of a "process of reconciliation".

The activities of multinational companies have long been controversial. But none have been found liable of human rights abuses by a U.S. jury.


"As for Shell and other companies operating in the Niger Delta and around the world, I think this settlement sends that message that you can not cause human rights violations, assist soldiers in committing abuses with impunity, that you will be held to account."

For the relatives of those executed, the money simply represents a "measure" of compensation.

But there's hope the case will force other multinationals to adopt policies compliant with human rights standards.

Suranjana Tewari, Reuters.

Effects of Aids in Africa

UN reports state that sub-Saharan Africa contains little more
than 10 percent of the world's population and two thirds of the
overall population in this region are people living with HIV
(UNAIDS 2008 Report on the Global AIDS Epidemic). AIDS has
caused enormous human suffering and some of the problems the
continent is faced with can be linked to the epidemic. All
sectors of society have been affected; from households to the
health sector, economy, and much more.


No part of the population is unaffected by HIV/AIDS but it is
the poorest members of society that are most affected and
vulnerable, and whom consequences of the epidemic are most
severe to. Parents die, children are given to relatives but
relatives are also affected children end up on their own hence
families dissolve. Emotional drain, pain, despair, uncertainty
and other emotions are brought about by the epidemic.
Breadwinners die; medical costs and funeral costs further
deplete the families. Families may choose to spend less on
necessities like food to take care of their sick members with
the hope that they would get better, and when they die it is a
major blow to the family and they may never recover financially
when the breadwinner dies. The rate of food production has
dropped dramatically because HIV/AIDS is affecting the able
members of our families then there is no one to cultivate the
fields although drought is also to blame for this situation.
With less food production, families are forced to rely on
handouts or food distribution. Children lose not only caretakers
or guardians, but sometimes their childhood as well, as they may
be forced to be parents to their siblings at a tender age.


An increase in the prevalence rate of HIV in a country means
the strain on that country's hospitals is likely to increase. In
countries where there are shortages in health care supplies like
beds and bedding material, not to mention medication, patients
may be forced to use the floors and the hospitals may be forced
to admit more than they are required or people are forced to
return home. This may reduce the standard of care given to
patients and you'll find cases like one nurse being responsible
for 100 patients per day.

Health workers are also not spared from the epidemic yet there
is also a high demand for health care. The conditions doctors,
nurses and other health professionals work in – poor pay,
excessive workloads and so on – forces them to migrate to
countries with better opportunities, immediately after they've
obtained better training and experience. Governments have to put
in more money for treatment and the health sector proves to need
more in terms of government funding.


As education workers are affected by the epidemic, the level
and quality of education suffers in turn. Children are forced
out of school because there is no one to pay school fees or they
have to take care of their sick parents.

Human resource

With the labour force also affected, social and economic
progress is heavily set back. There is less productivity when
people are constantly sick and absent from work to the point
where they do not recover. Not only that, but there are
additional costs in outsourcing skills, skill is washed out,
more sick leaves with pay and so on; companies have to invest
more in productivity. There is increased absenteeism hence
recruitment and training expenses.

Life expectancy

AIDS is washing down the drain years of progress in trying to
extend life expectancy in many African countries. In Swaziland
for instance, it has been estimated that life expectancy at
birth, which is currently just 33, would be 66 without AIDS
(UNDP, Human Development Report 2005). Government revenues have
declined because most of the people die at a time when they have
to contribute towards government tax.


HIV/AIDS came at a time when most African countries were still
struggling to find their feet after war, debt and
underdevelopment. Some of these countries are still struggling
to measure up to these crises. Some governments still struggle
to provide basic infrastructure for its citizens.

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What is Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is a broad concept that refers to
meeting the needs of people without hurting the environment. The
concept covers meeting economic, environmental and social needs
of everyone without hurting anyone or anything in the process.

What is sustainable development? The concept was brought to
life and named by The World Commission on Environment and
Development in 1987. Since it's conception, the concept has
become a major focus in the 1990s to the present time.

What is sustainable development related to hunger? The concept
would attempt to make sure that all people have enough to eat no
matter what their income is. Whether you are well off or live in
absolute or relative poverty, you would legally have the right
and the ability to purchase foods to provide you and your family
with an adequate number of calories each day to maintain health.

What is sustainable development related to economics? All
people in the workforce have a right to economic growth without
undermining the environment, natural resources and the incomes
of the next and future generations. Safeguards are put in place
by the world government so that labor standards are put into
effect along with mechanisms for compliance internationally.
People that work with hazardous materials have rules to follow
to keep themselves and the environment safe. People that work in
high places must use safety equipment to ensure they don't slip
and fall. Accidents do happen; however, many times accidents are
related to human error when the rules of safety are not followed

What is sustainable development related to food service?
Domestic foods are regulated by the Center for Food Safety and
Applied Nutrition (CFSAN); it also regulates foods that are
imported at the point where they were received into the US. The
US Department of Agriculture and the FDA require that workers in
the food service industry have people in place to educate and
train all food handlers how to prevent food-born illnesses
though applied safety measures.

What is sustainable development related to preventing food-born
illnesses in the food industry? Foods meant to be served cold
must sit in ice when left in the open. Staff is responsible for
recording the temperature of food, and if the temperature falls
below the safe zone it must be discarded at once. All foods left
out in the open for the public to serve themselves, such as in a
salad bar or a buffet must have a shield between the food and
the customers that serve themselves. This shield is to prevent
contamination from people breathing, sneezing or coughing.

What is sustainable development related to dairy and meat
farming? Sustainable farming does not use practices such as
giving antibiotics or hormones, and once processed, the meat
cannot be irradiated. In factory farming animals are almost
driven insane with fear and cramped conditions, but in
sustainable farming the animals are treated humanely. What is
sustainable development? It is all the things mentioned above
and so much more.

Goals of Sustainable Development in Urban and Rural Industries

The goals of sustainable development concerning the world
system are to promote freedom of sociopolitical expression,
economic freedom, as well as to protect human rights. The Goals
also include that the governments are willing to invest in their
citizens health, education and welfare. Workers and business
people in the urban and rural regions of the world join in a
team effort to make a living while preserving economic and
environmental resources.

The goals of sustainable development are to preserve raw
materials, conserve our natural resources such as water and
energy. Learning to be conservative starts at home; we can start
by recycling or reusing the items that would be detrimental to
the environment. Articles such as plastic bags, plastic bottles
do nothing more than clog up the landfills. As an individual,
you can help fulfill the goals of sustainable development by
separating paper, plastics, aluminum, and glass; these items
will be re-manufactured into new products.

In the workplace, the goals of sustainable development are
similar; you may be asked to reduce waste in your job. One of
the goals of sustainable development is conservation of energy.
Everyone can conserve by shutting off lights that are not in
use. Tossing out the old incandescent light bulbs and putting in
the new energy saving light bulbs saves energy and lasts much
longer. Some light bulbs last up to 5 years.

In farming businesses, where our food originates, are reaching
goals of sustainable development by changing over from fossil
fuels to renewable forms of energy. The approaches the farmers
use to achieve the goals of sustainable development may differ
from businesses in the urban sector. A cattle farmer may divide
his pasture land into subdivisions so that the cows can graze on
different sections of the land in a rotation. The advantage to
doing this is to manage the integrity of the soil, and the
cattle can get adequate food to promote weight gain. To provide
shade and cut the wind, farmers sometimes plant trees; this
helps the livestock and also prevents lost soil through soil

In the food farming business, goals are to preserve the
integrity of the soil, control or eliminate pests, and produce
large crops that produce a good income to take care of their
families. Goals of sustainable development are quite broad; one
goal is to plant more than one kind of crop. This is called
diversification; unlike mono-farming, where the farmer grows one
crop, the grower is more likely to make a good profit even if
the weather doesn't cooperate. A farmer that is banking on one
crop may lose that crop and lose his income; however, a
diversified farmer that grows two or more crops is more likely
to have a good yield of at least one of his crops. The goals of
sustainable development vary from industry to industry; but in
the end the the goals are met to promote socioeconomic growth,
while preserving the environment.

About The Author: Marcilio David M.D. is a Cardiologist, Clinic
Owner and Internet Entrepreneur. Get your FREE report, receive a
tips newsletter and learn more about Sustainable Development by

The Perfect Plan for Peace on Earth

What a wonderful idea to have a commitment to PEACE

Seeking freedom from the world husbandry of man's endless
mis-management, stupidity and over heated testosterone activated
ego-centric actions.

It's a great idea to have a commitment to PEACE I would suggest
we take a positive step towards this.

But why not some steps towards changing the lack of balance in
the world.

Less than a hundred years ago a woman threw herself in the path
of the King of England's race horse. Her motive! To gain the
ability for women to vote in the members of England's

Now towards a PEACE that has eluded the world since humans
arrived, it needs women in a more advanced role. A position that
Women have never held on the Planet in any form.

( where you mutter "good thing too"! It means you have not
grasped the consequences of leaving them out)

I am Ray Trevor Twine MA a retired Psychologist. I manage a UK
Natural Health Research Charity Objective: Helping people to
live longer with health in place. Ha! Ha! In a day in the life
for people on Planet Earth.

My Father was killed in world war 11 when I was 7 years old.
Millions and millions of men and women have lost a loved one to
the wars perpetrated by the men of the Planet. Millions more are
destined to suffer similar loss unless we start acting towards a
'New Way'.

PEACE cannot be gained by people thinking of it. Just as that
Suffragette decided to act. We do need women to act once more.

In the opinion of more and more thinking people Putting more
women in an equitable voting position to temper the mad frenzy
of man's ego for power-revenge- with the touch of compassion.

The Three million African tribe-people who died a few years ago
from the cutting blows of machetes could be alive today.

A women in Asia locked up for how many years? She is such a
powerful threat to some really evil men who cling on to power
with every means except the wisdom of care for their people.

Here is an outline for a future PEACE. Actions that have never
been used in human history.

The proposition is that The yin of humans-the women. Have a
just equal part in governing all matters that include the
Earth's people.

This will not be the rule of women. It will be the rule of
yin-yang an equal wise ruling. Man's EGO less dangerous for us

The 'Yin' The Woman on earth shall have 50% of the vote in the
major decision making of all nations.

That it should be mandatory amongst all peoples that all
laws-rules-edicts within all nations within all religions all
institutions concerned with the welfare of man/woman shall have
a 50% share in any/all vote.

Why such a silly idea? Well lets take a look at man and his
efforts since life began on Planet Earth.

The 'Yang' male on earth have throughout history has been
unable to provide the basics for most people food,shelter
security. Consider the following:

The fact of life on Earth is 'Mayhem'. This continues unabated
throughout the world day in day out.

Destruction-killing millions of people every year by warring
males. The male has created the new 2000 Millennium killing

This calls for a crazed-drugged up mad-man self- strapping on
plus other man people filling a large truck with explosives.
Placed where people congregate and blow them all away.

In addition the aiming of commercial airplanes at large

Note that the male in many Nations has been unable to govern
the people at all.

Most notable is the inability of governments to protect woman.
On the African Continent 1 in 5 women have reported being raped.

A million women 1,000,000 in USA have reported either physical
and or rape abuse every year for the past 5 years.

Imagine the true figures? (annual reports of the abuse of the
USA male is numbered at 300,000)

We refuse to accept women in numbers to have a place in
governing the people? Yet cast a thought of what might have been
a Planet scenario had man been just and fair towards them.

Imagine had they taken up their right full 'Yin'place
dovetailed into the 'Yin-Yang' design of the 'Human Being'

Man with an apparent fear of women has used such devious means
to prevent her joining him at the helm of life for others.

Take a moment to further consider that a Planet Earth with
equal women/men gender in the governing status would have led to
a more peaceful Earth.?

That instead of between 8 to 10% of the world's people with
food shelter and security in place. Yes! That is fact reading
this you are not part of the 90% you are in the 8 to 10 percent
of us lucky people.

Perhaps with the compassion of the women voting power in place
over the last few Thousand years or so.

We would have closer to Eighty Percent 80% of people with
enough food with a roof, without fear of persecution. Just

Though our history. All Nations all governing
institutions,religions, cults gangs of men consider the woman
inferior less worthy enough to have a role?.

We have a present situation of a Billion women Catholics
governed by old men who have never experienced a full life in a
family situation. Men who dictate that women shall not have a
say as yes/no to the creation of a life in their own body.

The greatest numbers of women on Earth through another
religious doctrine/. Live as the chattel of man with less voice
of authority in matters of welfare for others than the dog in
the kennel outside.

Yes! I know now and again a women with enormous effort rises
through the ranks and gains a position of some power. Men point
this as evidence: "Look we do let them in"!

But talk to Mrs Blair (The wife of the ex PM of England.)
(Through her intellect in Law she entered the male domain) She
tells of the closed shop of the British legal system. Impossible
for a woman to rise to a high level in the ranks.

Talk to millions of women abused once by a man and then by a
male' judge deciding for his own gender.

We all know the gangs of men the renta-a gang created in all
nation through-out the world. The lackey of the wealthy ruling

These gangs with a fancy title to fool the people into
believing that they can be part of their ranks.

The Conservatives, Democrats,Liberals,Maoists,Socialists,
Islamists Communists Republicans and more.... Exist in every
Nation in the world. The do not allow women into their gang in
equal numbers?

At election time the statement (communists apart) is made > "We
want to represent you"

The male-female gender fact is that 50% of each nation is
female. All males in Government means it is not possible for
true-representation to ever take place.

The women have little or no representation within the world
decisions making.

Spain is the exception with 50% of women as ministers.

The present news is gloomy but expected, everyone knows that
our Planet Earth wars between ourselves are relentless in their

The latest development between East and West is caused by man's
ego. We move back again in time to a 'cold-war' in place.

Man just does not have wit, enough wisdom to keep any kind of
peace in the world. They have had many Thousands of years to get
it right. Please note Never never with Women to help them.

Now we, who are in that 8 to 10 % of the Earth population the
lucky few. We have a new worry Will we have a future world war?

In therapy we pass on a patient when we have failed to bring in

Lets make a change for the better for all of us.

A freedom from the world husbandry of man's endless
mis-management, stupidity. Those over heated testosterone
activated ego-centric war first actions.

Lets bring in the 'Women' to 'cool it'. Thats Planet Earth of

PS Over 3,000 people have contributed to a Planet Earth
Constitution This can be examined free of any charge request a
copy using the email address below. No hidden motive exists.

About The Author: Ray Trevor Twine M.A. Author of 'The Planet
Earth in the Court of the Universe' Copyright FREE play entered
into the 2007 BBC International Playwriting competition. CEO of
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Should Employers Use MySpace, Facebook or LinkedIn to Screen Candidates and Make Hiring Decisions?

Background Screening Expert Explains the Dangers to Avoid

Social and professional networking sites have become enormously
popular ways to connect with friends and colleagues. MySpace™
has 73 million American users, Facebook™ has 36 million U.S.
members and LinkedIn™ has 17 million members.

As a result, social networking sites present a tempting source
of information for employers. 60 to 70 percent of hiring
managers are currently doing online background checks of
prospective candidates, often before they contact them for an
initial interview.

But screening candidates by reading their online profiles
presents numerous legal and ethical challenges for businesses,
recruiters and hiring managers.

Employers who choose to use these and other social networking
sites, such as Twitter™, must use care to avoid attaining and
using information in a discriminatory way. They need to ensure
that they are in compliance and do not break privacy laws, as
well as be sure that the information obtained is accurate.

The leading social networking sites

* MySpace is a popular international social networking website
offering an interactive, user-submitted network of friends,
personal profiles, blogs, groups, photos, music and videos for
teens and adults. It's owned by Fox Interactive Media, which is
owned by News Corporation.

* Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg while he was still a
student at Harvard Univerity. Users can join networks organized
by city, school, workplace and region to connect and interact
with others. Website membership was initially only available to
Harvard students, but now has more than 80 million active users

* LinkedIn is a site mainly used for professional networking.
The purpose of the site is to allow registered users to maintain
a list of contact details of people they know and trust in
business. The people in the list are called Connections. Users
can invite anyone to become a connection.

Pitfalls of using social and professional networking sites to
screen job candidates

Some employers may feel that they should take advantage of the
"free" information that is available on these sites. Before
employers use information obtained from these sites they need to

• The use of personal information
• Accessibility issues
• Accuracy of information
• Privacy compliance

It is important that hiring managers not discriminate against a
candidate because they included something strange on a social
network website. Many candidates post indiscreet photos or share
too much information about their religious and political
beliefs, sexual preferences, age, marital status or unusual
hobbies in their profiles. However, it's illegal for employers
to consider these factors when making their hiring decisions.

"Pretexting" is another risk to avoid. Employers should never
set up a fake identity in order to join a candidate's friends'
network and gain access to their information. In addition, it's
often difficult to determine if you're reading the profile of
the job applicant or someone else with a similar name.

The best practice is to perform an Internet search on a
candidate only after a conditional job offer is made, and only
if you disclose that you will be doing an online background

Consequences of misusing the information on social and
professional networking websites include discrimination lawsuits
and claims of invasion of privacy from job applicants.

A safer alternative

For an affordable, safer way to vet potential employees, it's
best to rely on a professional pre-employment screening firm.
These firms offer unbiased and accurate employee information
screens for:

• Employment
• Criminal Records
• Driving Records
• Drug Testing
• Social Security Number
• Worker's Compensation
• Licenses & Credentials
• Education
• Credit Profile

Any information on an applicant's background needs to be
handled in a legal and confidential manner. The reality is that
Human Resources or a business owner will not have the time to
weed out the good from the bad information obtained through
social and professional networking websites. Even if they had
the time, they may not know what information is allowed under
the law.

Social and professional networking websites may be useful to
gain a better understanding of who the applicant is, but should
not be relied upon to make a sound hiring decision.

In order to avoid privacy violation and discrimination claims,
experts recommend getting the assistance of a professional and
experienced employment screening firm.

About The Author: For a free report on "The Business Guide to
Background Checks," go to
Kevin Connell has 15 years experience as founder/CEO of
Accu-Screen, Inc., which specializes in pre-employment
background screening. Contact him at [email protected]
or 1-800-689-2228.

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