Tuesday 9 June 2009

The Perfect Plan for Peace on Earth

What a wonderful idea to have a commitment to PEACE

Seeking freedom from the world husbandry of man's endless
mis-management, stupidity and over heated testosterone activated
ego-centric actions.

It's a great idea to have a commitment to PEACE I would suggest
we take a positive step towards this.

But why not some steps towards changing the lack of balance in
the world.

Less than a hundred years ago a woman threw herself in the path
of the King of England's race horse. Her motive! To gain the
ability for women to vote in the members of England's

Now towards a PEACE that has eluded the world since humans
arrived, it needs women in a more advanced role. A position that
Women have never held on the Planet in any form.

( where you mutter "good thing too"! It means you have not
grasped the consequences of leaving them out)

I am Ray Trevor Twine MA a retired Psychologist. I manage a UK
Natural Health Research Charity Objective: Helping people to
live longer with health in place. Ha! Ha! In a day in the life
for people on Planet Earth.

My Father was killed in world war 11 when I was 7 years old.
Millions and millions of men and women have lost a loved one to
the wars perpetrated by the men of the Planet. Millions more are
destined to suffer similar loss unless we start acting towards a
'New Way'.

PEACE cannot be gained by people thinking of it. Just as that
Suffragette decided to act. We do need women to act once more.

In the opinion of more and more thinking people Putting more
women in an equitable voting position to temper the mad frenzy
of man's ego for power-revenge- with the touch of compassion.

The Three million African tribe-people who died a few years ago
from the cutting blows of machetes could be alive today.

A women in Asia locked up for how many years? She is such a
powerful threat to some really evil men who cling on to power
with every means except the wisdom of care for their people.

Here is an outline for a future PEACE. Actions that have never
been used in human history.

The proposition is that The yin of humans-the women. Have a
just equal part in governing all matters that include the
Earth's people.

This will not be the rule of women. It will be the rule of
yin-yang an equal wise ruling. Man's EGO less dangerous for us

The 'Yin' The Woman on earth shall have 50% of the vote in the
major decision making of all nations.

That it should be mandatory amongst all peoples that all
laws-rules-edicts within all nations within all religions all
institutions concerned with the welfare of man/woman shall have
a 50% share in any/all vote.

Why such a silly idea? Well lets take a look at man and his
efforts since life began on Planet Earth.

The 'Yang' male on earth have throughout history has been
unable to provide the basics for most people food,shelter
security. Consider the following:

The fact of life on Earth is 'Mayhem'. This continues unabated
throughout the world day in day out.

Destruction-killing millions of people every year by warring
males. The male has created the new 2000 Millennium killing

This calls for a crazed-drugged up mad-man self- strapping on
plus other man people filling a large truck with explosives.
Placed where people congregate and blow them all away.

In addition the aiming of commercial airplanes at large

Note that the male in many Nations has been unable to govern
the people at all.

Most notable is the inability of governments to protect woman.
On the African Continent 1 in 5 women have reported being raped.

A million women 1,000,000 in USA have reported either physical
and or rape abuse every year for the past 5 years.

Imagine the true figures? (annual reports of the abuse of the
USA male is numbered at 300,000)

We refuse to accept women in numbers to have a place in
governing the people? Yet cast a thought of what might have been
a Planet scenario had man been just and fair towards them.

Imagine had they taken up their right full 'Yin'place
dovetailed into the 'Yin-Yang' design of the 'Human Being'

Man with an apparent fear of women has used such devious means
to prevent her joining him at the helm of life for others.

Take a moment to further consider that a Planet Earth with
equal women/men gender in the governing status would have led to
a more peaceful Earth.?

That instead of between 8 to 10% of the world's people with
food shelter and security in place. Yes! That is fact reading
this you are not part of the 90% you are in the 8 to 10 percent
of us lucky people.

Perhaps with the compassion of the women voting power in place
over the last few Thousand years or so.

We would have closer to Eighty Percent 80% of people with
enough food with a roof, without fear of persecution. Just

Though our history. All Nations all governing
institutions,religions, cults gangs of men consider the woman
inferior less worthy enough to have a role?.

We have a present situation of a Billion women Catholics
governed by old men who have never experienced a full life in a
family situation. Men who dictate that women shall not have a
say as yes/no to the creation of a life in their own body.

The greatest numbers of women on Earth through another
religious doctrine/. Live as the chattel of man with less voice
of authority in matters of welfare for others than the dog in
the kennel outside.

Yes! I know now and again a women with enormous effort rises
through the ranks and gains a position of some power. Men point
this as evidence: "Look we do let them in"!

But talk to Mrs Blair (The wife of the ex PM of England.)
(Through her intellect in Law she entered the male domain) She
tells of the closed shop of the British legal system. Impossible
for a woman to rise to a high level in the ranks.

Talk to millions of women abused once by a man and then by a
male' judge deciding for his own gender.

We all know the gangs of men the renta-a gang created in all
nation through-out the world. The lackey of the wealthy ruling

These gangs with a fancy title to fool the people into
believing that they can be part of their ranks.

The Conservatives, Democrats,Liberals,Maoists,Socialists,
Islamists Communists Republicans and more.... Exist in every
Nation in the world. The do not allow women into their gang in
equal numbers?

At election time the statement (communists apart) is made > "We
want to represent you"

The male-female gender fact is that 50% of each nation is
female. All males in Government means it is not possible for
true-representation to ever take place.

The women have little or no representation within the world
decisions making.

Spain is the exception with 50% of women as ministers.

The present news is gloomy but expected, everyone knows that
our Planet Earth wars between ourselves are relentless in their

The latest development between East and West is caused by man's
ego. We move back again in time to a 'cold-war' in place.

Man just does not have wit, enough wisdom to keep any kind of
peace in the world. They have had many Thousands of years to get
it right. Please note Never never with Women to help them.

Now we, who are in that 8 to 10 % of the Earth population the
lucky few. We have a new worry Will we have a future world war?

In therapy we pass on a patient when we have failed to bring in

Lets make a change for the better for all of us.

A freedom from the world husbandry of man's endless
mis-management, stupidity. Those over heated testosterone
activated ego-centric war first actions.

Lets bring in the 'Women' to 'cool it'. Thats Planet Earth of

PS Over 3,000 people have contributed to a Planet Earth
Constitution This can be examined free of any charge request a
copy using the email address below. No hidden motive exists.

About The Author: Ray Trevor Twine M.A. Author of 'The Planet
Earth in the Court of the Universe' Copyright FREE play entered
into the 2007 BBC International Playwriting competition. CEO of
CRPT a UK Natural Health Research Charity. trevortwine @
gmail.com http://www.ahealthylonglife.com

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