Monday 6 July 2009

How To Use Your Race To Get Rich

Amid recent news reports that there continues to be an ongoing
and substantial gap between the net worth of Whites and other
racial groups, it is easy to be distracted and overwhelmed by the
raw data.

However, I am immediately reminded of a quote offered by an
economic expert from the past... "There are lies, damned lies,
and statistics!"

Despite the real fact that the same set of stats can be skewed to
represent almost any point of view (consider elected officials,
talk show hosts, those who steal in the name of God, et al),
knowing this does not prevent many of us from being swayed in our
thinking - and actions - by the masters of sophistry.

The ability of an individual to look at twin newborn gorillas and
deem one a cover girl (cover gorilla?) and the other a
repulsively ugly thing is indeed a most interesting truism
concerning human behavior.

This tendency, better known as hypocrisy, is possibly the most
pivotal factor leading to interpersonal, and sadly, inter-racial
strife. As a student of history I always attempt to place things
in historical perspective.

In the book, "The Richest Man In Babylon", the author provides
economic advice that would enable any person of any color or
ethnicity to acquire, maintain and indeed increase wealth by
following a few time-proven principles. Bill Bennett provided
similar advice with his three core admonitions... "...Graduate
from high school, avoid out of wedlock childbirth and live within
your means."

The most interesting thing about the advice given by these two
authors, widely separated by time and culture, is the universal
applicability of these basic economic principles to all
individuals; in all times and all places with few exceptions.

So the bottom line becomes not what someone has done to you, but
how you respond to it. Question. To the countless people who have
lost jobs, homes, hopes, insurance, dreams, 401Ks, the ability to
send kids to college, their dignity, and in some cases their very
lives, does it matter who or what caused or created the
conditions for their current situation?

Faced with foreclosure, mounting credit card debt, other
financial obligations of all kinds, do you seek to place blame
for your situation on someone or something that caused it all?

For sure it's prudent to understand the factors that created
this now pandemic pecuniary pain. And candidates for blame are
many and varied. There's the Federal Reserve, the sub-prime
loans, the credit default swaps, the Wall Street greed-mongers,
the naked(?) credit default swaps, the people buying houses they
could not afford, the lenders who sold them the houses,
self-serving politicians and the lobbyists who pimp them, the
Anti-Christ and countless others who can be singled out for

Certainly there's more than enough blame to go around.

Another question. Would it help those who are jobless and
possibly hopeless to know who to blame and also be able to
inflict the deserved punishment upon them? Put another way, does
the fact that Bernie Madoff is in prison materially help those
whose fortunes and futures he stole?

I fully agree that it is paramount to expose the Bernie Madoffs
of the world and erect legal barriers to the future efforts of
those with similar agendas. And believe it, there will be plenty

The answers to the two above questions are yes and no. For those
living with fear and despair due to job loss, yes it is indeed
important to understand how their current situation arose and to
take action to prevent it in the future. But it is no real solace
that big-time CEOs get derided in the press for their golden
parachutes. And "Behind Bars Bernie" still hasn't accounted
for tens of billions in lucre with which he "Made-off" that
will cause multi-generational financial woes.

There is a certain satisfaction in knowing that a murderer is
behind bars or (preferably) pushing up daisies, but it doesn't
bring his or her victim(s) back to life. Survivors must live with
that fact.

At this point I'm reminded of another old saying provided by an
obviously observant individual, "It is better to light a candle
than to curse the darkness."

If you're one of the many suffering financial displacement and
possibly feeling desperate and hopeless please take a minute and
watch this short video. I triple-dog challenge you to do so with
dry eyes.

There's not too much to add to the message of that video. I'm
minus a kidney as a cancer survivor. (Read my Stage -4 story at:

But I much prefer that to being armless and legless. I'd rather
be a person of any color or race and in any financial condition
than be totally limbless.

And whether you're Black, White, Asian, Hispanic or Native
American, being jobless and hopeless feels the same. But the
beauty of it all is that just like we all can suffer individually
or en masse, we can all also prosper the same.

Trust me; despite the mind-boggling amount of money that's being
created out of thin air by the Federal Reserve, and the
relatively few well enough-connected people who will grow wealthy
and wealthier when it's doled out, there is no government
bail-out for you and me.

If you desire to change your current financial situation and
establish a solid wall of protection against the global market
forces that simultaneously render millions jobless and a relative
few wealthy beyond imagination, then you must take action.

If a man with no limbs can become a worldwide inspiration for
those with two arms and two legs, surely you and I can ride the
coattails of a man like Lee Green, founder of the National Black
Business Trade Association, the Black Business Space social
network and creator of the Black Business Builders Club.

I compare this opportunity to reading a book. The author has done
all the hard work of researching, writing and having it edited
and published. How hard is it for me to just pick it up and read

If you're one who desires to prosper, I invite you to look at an
excellent way to do so. But there is one irrevocable requirement.
You must be a member of a particular racial group. There are no
exceptions to this requirement.

Over a more than 30 year period Lee Green has learned how to
fine-tune his online marketing techniques and has developed,
after paying his dues to become an expert, what is in my opinion
the most comprehensive program for taking the willing of any
skill level and leading them to economic freedom.

Mr. Green's techniques, presented in his newly released "The
Black Folks Guide To Making Big Money On The Internet", provide
the opportunity to finally experience the "Holy Grail" that all
home-based entrepreneurs seek - RESIDUAL INCOME!

Finally someone has created a program that actually provides the
real training and resources needed for anyone willing to work a
little to experience the success that many desire but never
achieve. When you compare what you get to what the monthly
membership costs, you will realize that almost all of the other
so-called opportunities have only been over-promising and under-
or never delivering. Lots of out of pocket with little or no

I know it sounds somewhat cliché, but the old saying is still
true... If you don't already have a "Plan B" you're either
already wealthy or extremely naive. Which group are you in?

So if your candle is out, let the Black Business Builders Club
provide the training and tools to help you re-light it so that
you can see your way to financial freedom at last. Members of the
BBBC get the "Black Folks Guide" at no cost. So light your
candle and get out of the rat race. And really it's not so much
the race as it is the rats. Get away from them now!

If you're a member of the right racial group and are ready for
your very own Economic Stimulus Plan and financial freedom, then
take a look at the tremendous opportunity that Lee Green has
created and provided for you to be able to do just that; at a
price you won't believe!

PS: To be eligible for membership you must belong to one (or
more) of the following racial groups:

1. A group that requires food

2. A group that requires clothing

3. A group that requires shelter

Herbert Harris is a retired (read down-sized) IT worker who now
works (literally) in his pajamas. Thanks to The Black Business
Builders Club.
Get your copy of the red hot "Black Folks Guide To Making Big
Money On The Internet":

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