Saturday 19 September 2009

A British woman, allegedly humiliated in courtroom, says hopeful of justice

Kaya Eldridge, who was allegedly humiliated by a lawyer during the hearing of a molestation case in India, says she is hopeful of justice.

AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT, INDIA (SEPTEMBER 19, 2009) ANI- Kaya Eldridge, a British woman, who was allegedly humiliated by a lawyer during the hearing of a molestation case in India, said that she was hopeful of getting justice on Saturday (September 19).
Elridge staged a protest along with several locals and foreigners against molestation of women in India's western Ahmedabad.

"I am very positive about my case. I think if the support of the people is anything to go by, then the judicial system will have to, will have to reflect that and hopefully the truth will prevail here and we will finally get justice," she said.

Local citizens who voluntarily joined her shouted slogans demanding justice for victims of molestation and violence.

"On one hand we are inviting the guests from foreign lands and we are welcoming them and we are pampering them and on the other hand a guest lady is suffering from these atrocities." Swarup Dhruv, a cultural activist said.

High Court of India's western Gujarat state on Friday (September 18) directed the chief metropolitan magistrate to conduct an inquiry into the case.

Elridge wrote a letter to the Chief Justice of Gujarat High Court, Mr. Justice KS Radhakrishnan, with signatures of people demanding action against the lawyer who allegedly asked her irrelevant question in the metropolitan court.

The issue was taken up at the High Court by a self-help group.

Expressing concern over the issue, Radhakrishnan sought report in the case after accusations were made by Eldridge that she was humiliated in the courtroom by the lawyer on Monday (September 14).

Last month, Eldridge complained that a plumber molested her when he came for a repairing work at her flat.

Guidelines of India's apex court say that court proceedings should take place 'in-camera' to avoid embarrassment to the victim and to protect her identity.

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