Friday 25 September 2009

Brad Pitt honoured for humanitarism

Brad Pitt prasied for his foundation's help reconstruction of The 9th Ward in New Orleans

At the Clinton Global Initiative in New York on Thursday (September 24), Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt was honoured for his humanitarian work in New Orleans.

Seated next to former U.S. President Bill Clinton, Pitt's and his "Make It Right" foundation were praised for their efforts to rebuild homes in the Louisiana Port City.

Thousands of people in New Orleans' 9th Ward were left homeless by Hurricane Katrina - Pitt's foundation built thirteen houses there.

Each unique house has sustainable, eco-friendly features to minimise costs like heating and cooling.

The average utility bill for the homes is 35 U.S. dollars a month - the aim is to cut that to zero.

Pitt said the model could be applied to communities everywhere.

Brad Pitt, Actor and Founder of "Make It Right", saying:

"If we had not been so blissfully naive to the potential, we would not be experiencing what we are seeing today and that is the unquantifiable joy of families returning home to the 9th Ward and returning home to something that was better than before. Returning home to and setting forth a new paradigm."

The former U.S. president commended the houses as an example for the future.

Bill Clinton, Former President, saying:

"This is a story that can have a happy ending because if we change the way we produce and consume energy, including the way we build and rebuild, we can create more opportunity as has been done here."

Pitt's goal is to have 150 green homes up and ready in New Orleans by 2010.

Doug MacLaurin, Reuters.

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