Tuesday 25 August 2009

Pink Floyd frontman narrates U.N. documentary on West Bank barrier

The former pink floyd frontman Roger Waters, has narrated a United Nations film, documenting the predicament of Palestinians after the erection of the controversial barrier by Israel.
Waters, who wrote the album "The Wall" in 1979, is featured in the first shots of the movie walking alongside the concrete Bethlehem section of the barrier.

"The wall (film) focuses on the humanitarian impact of the West bank barrier on Palestinians. It also features Israeli security officials who built the wall and shows, explains why they built the wall and the reason for the route," Allegra Pacheco, head of the advocacy unit at the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs - occupied Palestinian territory (OCHA oPt) told Reuters Television.

The 15 minute U.N. film "Walled Horizons" is to mark five years since the International Court of Justice ruled that the barrier was illegal and should be taken down because it crossed occupied territory.

The film's Finnish director Johan Eriksson said that it focuses on the direct affect of the fence on Palestinians' lives.

"It was made because this summer it's five years since the international court of justice made an opinion saying that the route of the wall is violence international law, they basically said that you can't build a fence on your neighbours yard," Eriksson said.

The film features Palestinians who lost their lands and livelihoods because of the barrier, with Israeli officials speaking about the aftermath.

Water narrates over footage of Palestinians who are waiting in a fenced corridor at an Israeli checkpoint.

The documentary ends with scenes from a Water concert in Israel in 2006, where he told the audience, "I believe we need this generation of Israelis to tear down the walls and make peace with their neighbours."

Work on the barrier began in 2002, the height of a Palestinian uprising. Israel said the project was necessary to stop suicide bombers from reaching its cities. Palestinians called it a land grab that could deny them a viable state.

The World Court declared the planned 600-km (370-mile) barrier, more than half of which is completed, illegal but Israel has ignored the non-binding ruling.


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