Thursday 13 August 2009

Murder for ratings?

A host of a television show in Brazil has been accused of ordering murders and broadcasting the footage to increase ratings of his crime reality series.

Being first on the scene too many times, sometimes even before the police get there.

This is footage from Brazilian crime television show 'Canal Livre'. It's host is right-wing politician Wallace Souza.

He has been accused of of ordering murders and staging crime scenes to boost the popularity of his show.

Brazilian police, say the instances are 'too uncanny'.

Public security secretary, Francisco Cavalcanti.

Manaus Public Security Secretary, Francisco Cavalcanti, saying:

"On several occasions they fabricated the facts, they fabricated news."

Souza, is a former policeman who was expelled from the force.

He's under suspicion of ordering at least five of the murders to boost his ratings and prove his claim that Brazil's Amazonas region is awash in violent crime.

He is also accused of trafficking weapons and ammunition. Souza denies all charges and his lawyer, Francisco Balieiro, says police have failed to provide proof against his client.

Souza's lawyer, Francisco Balieiro, saying:

"Up to now, no one has presented any technical evidence, none."

Besides crime scenes, Souza would also show dramatic police raids and arrests, which earned him huge popularity both as a host and politician.

The show is no longer on air.

Neena Dhaun, Reuters.

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