Tuesday 14 July 2009

Protesters clash with police in Paris suburb

Protesters clashed with riot police in the Paris suburb of Montreuil on Monday night (July 13).
Waving placards and banners that vented anger over police tactics used to evacuate residents from a squat, the demonstrators gathered for what they had described as a peaceful protest.

Shortly after it started at 1900 local time (1700GMT), clashes with police unfolded on the streets.

Tear gas was aimed towards the demonstrators who argued with police in riot gear.

Mayor of Montreuil, Dominique Voynet, said the degree of police intervention was disproportionate.

"The violence used to expel the people from the protest was completely not worth it," she said.

It has been reported in local media that one man - Joachim Gatti, 34 - lost an eye after being hit with a flash-ball, used by police during an expulsion of people from squats in the area on July 8.


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