Wednesday 8 July 2009

Greenpeace activists occupy Italian coal-fired power stations

Over one hundred Greenpeace activists from around the world occupied four Italian coal-fired power stations in a publicity stunt on Wednesday (July 8) as world leaders began arriving in L'Aquila for a G8 summit.
The activists broke into the plants in Venice's Marghera industrial district, Brindisi, Vado Ligure and Porto Tolle in the early hours of the morning and demanded G8 heads of state take leadership on climate change.

Activists unfurled a huge banner reading "Green Jobs" from a chimney at the Marghera plant.

The Brindisi plant is Italy's biggest coal-fired power station and the country's largest single source of C02 emissions. Greenpeace says it plans to stop it from polluting the planet by blocking the coal conveyor belts and preventing coal from going into the plant.

The activists hung a banner saying "G8: climate changers or losers" from the Brindisi plant.

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