Friday 26 June 2009

'Accelerating Wisdom' Free Web Service 'SQiME' Starts

- Fusion of 'the thought support tool' and 'the community of the wisdom sharing' -

TOKYO, June 26 /PRNewswire/ -- SQiME Inc. (Tokyo) started an "Accelerating Wisdom" Free WEB service "SQiME" (ski:m) as public beta release at the world same time today, on June 26, 2009.

1. Summary of SQiME

SQiME is an "Accelerating Wisdom" Free WEB service which has both "a thought support function" based on an original framework (a thought method) based on a study of the thinking process / idea method for five years and "a community function" born thereby to share wisdom with people all over the world.

2. Features of SQiME

Idea support function

Original framework arose from a lot of idea methods and research of conception methods such as logical and lateral thinking and others. SQiME enables various ideas to be brought together widely, deeply, logically, systematically, and very efficiently only according to the format that makes the framework embodied.

High generality

Business documents such as planning and proposal books, and manuals. Creations of essays, columns, novels, etc. Making and comparative study of program codes. Furthermore, ranging from making policy and business schemes etc. to sorting out of content of your head.

SQiME has very high generality.

Smart collaboration

SQiME not only supports one user's thinking but also responds to the collaboration of a large number of people. Moreover, an unprecedented smart collaboration can be achieved because it is designed to prevent confrontation, flooding, and never-ending cycle of opinions.

Easy like a blog

Contrary to the highness of the functionality, the usage of SQiME is "easy like a blog." Everyone can use it at once without special training.

Sharing of wisdom

SQiME has the community function where wisdom can be shared with people all over the world based on the above-mentioned idea support function and the collaboration function. The wisdom is accelerated more and more, and is polished and raised to the higher dimension by sharing with people all over the world.

Responding to several languages

SQiME responds to the contribution in the principal languages of the world extending to 100 at present. The user can use it by switching to his mother tongue or learned language always arbitrarily from among those languages.

Democratic control

SQiME is controlled democratically with the hands of not only operators but all users by its impartial, fair, real-time vote function and warning function. A sound discussion from a sound place. SQiME accelerates the formation of wisdom more by truly democratic control.

3. View in the future

The formation of wisdom is accelerated more by adding various new features and "applications that cooperate with SQiME", etc. at any time in the future, and SQiME contributes to society by so doing.


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Executive Secretary

SQiME Inc.

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SQiME Inc.

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